Photo courtesy artist

Austin artist Dave De La Garza (who performs simply as DLG) is ready to gift a ton of new music this year. And in an effort to get the music to the people quickly, he's starting what he's calling his "2 on 2" series, in which he's releasing two new songs on the second day of each month.

On Thursday, DLG dropped two new tracks which are especially fitting for March as spring tries to make a comeback. First is "Drown in You," which is a glistening standout worthy of playing on repeat all weekend long, joined by "Close One!," which has a brisk, summery vibe to it in the vein of Phoenix or Dayglow.

"This is the first installation of my '2 on 2' project, where I drop 2 songs on the second of the month," says DLG. "I want to experiment with dropping music consistently on the same date of each month. This way, people will know I have new music even without seeing a post or notification, much in the same way you know your favorite TV show airs on the same day each week.

The new tracks also come as DLG's single "Inside of My Eyelids" was featured on fifth episode of the Netflix hit series You's newly released fourth season.

Check out both new songs below and stay tuned!