Laur Lončar

Carving an enthralling, unique sound that goes against the standard formula, New York City-based singer-songwriter and producer Future Someone has returned to release his first single since 2020, titled "I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking For.” 

The track emphasizes the importance of brutal self-honesty and how it corresponds with the ugly truths that need to be said and heard to evolve and grow. The sincerity in his lyrics expresses the importance of how letting go of the unnecessary is necessary in order to progress.

Throughout the song, he composes lyrics to capture the blunt yet sorrowful themes by opening the song by singing: "I don’t wanna break your heart, but you need the truth / What's good for me won’t be good for you / I know there’s no question how I’m losing connection now / On your way in, I’m on my way out."

Regarding the song’s instrumentation, it delivers an experimental psychedelic-pop tone with its heavy synthesizers, emphatic chord shifts, and distinct drum arrangements to captivate listeners with its unique soundscape. With more to come from Future Someone, "I Hope You Find Whatever You Are Looking” is the first single from his upcoming album. To further speak on what listeners can expect from his project, he states:

“This project represents the continual change of self throughout life. We're more or less the same person on the surface, but on the inside, in order to grow, you need to leave behind the pieces that no longer serve you.”

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