Danielle Neu

After months of anticipation, Gracie Abrams' debut album Good Riddance is here! The singer released the new project on Friday, and it's out today on Interscope Records.

The singer shares about a period of transformation with honesty and brilliance, and production from none other than Aaron Dessner of The National. It's a wonderful first full-length. Along with the album is a video for the song “I know it won’t work," directed by Julian Klincewicz.

“Making this album was the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had as a songwriter, and I’m so excited to share it with the world,” says Abrams of the album. “I wrote it while I was going through some of the biggest transitions of my life so far, and the songs came from trying to look at myself very honestly and hold myself accountable. Aaron supported me through all that, while also challenging me in all the ways I’d ever dreamed a creative partner would. He’s been a hero of mine for years, and as our instincts combined it ended up creating a sound that we both really fell in love with.”

Check out the full album now.