Amber Run, photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes

British outfit Amber Run has released their new album How to Be Human, which they announced back in November.

The incredible new project is out today via label TRIPEL. And while the album title might sound like it implies something stately or profound, it's actually a nod to the wish for a human guide book to show us the way to be happy, content, at peace—human.

“You know those annoying emails you get that are like, ‘How to become a millionaire in one month’. ‘How to get abs in six seconds,” says frontman Joe Keogh. “I was like, I wish someone would just tell me how to get by and live on the centre line and how to just continue.”

Ultimately, in the middle of such uncertain times, following a rollercoaster set of years, the album is such a relatable piece and a worthy listen as you head into the weekend.

Hear the album now.