Spencer Lowell

It's a good Friday because we've got new music from The Darcys today. The Toronto duo of Jason Couse and Wes Marskell are back with their gritty new single "Trouble Found Me."

And while the song title is certainly a sinister one, it's actually a reminder of why we love this band—forever. Even as they experiment with their sound and evolve over the years, they keep such a fresh energy, and they're not afraid to play in new territory. That's usually when they're at their best, of course.

"Last year we were reminded what a holy place a live show can be and we wanted to capture that energy on our new record," says the band. "We were writing a lot, but it wasn’t until we cut 'Trouble Found Me' that we felt we had found a new and exciting voice for our project. You can hear the shift: the distortion is up, the guitars are loud, and the drums are vibrant."

They continue: "Of course, 'Trouble Found Me' is covered with studio magic, but it’s full of energy and designed to be played live. We wanted this song to set a tone and to pull you in. It’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s meant to hit you right between your eyes."

The new song teases a new EP, which is expected this fall, according to the duo.

Hear "Trouble Found Me" now.