Zachary Vague

Rising artist Drew Tarves (aka young friend) today released his new scaredy cat EP, which is out now on Nettwerk.

The project features the recent anthemic single "feral canadian scaredy cat," and the whole EP is such a standout project. Of that particular track, 22-year-old Tarves said: “The song explores the theme growing up sheltered and how that can continue to affect one into their adult life. This song is confrontational and cathartic.”

The new project is said to capture young friend's state of looking back while charting a new path forward, as the music was written and recorded over the last year. “I love that feeling of nostalgia, and I’m constantly searching for those old feelings throughout my life,” he says. “There’s something very beautiful about them that I’m attracted to.”

Along with the EP is a video for the aforementioned "feral canadian scaredy cat," which was directed by Zachary Vague.

“Together we wanted to make something that would be a deeper, more abstract exploration into Drew’s fears and feelings of isolation,” says Vague. “Using more surrealist imagery and theatrical set pieces we tried to create a world that feels ever more dangerous and on the edge of destruction. We wanted to reflect that and the looming of fears of our generation.”

Hear the full EP now.