Photo courtesy Republic Records

As he prepares to hit the road with The Kid Laroi next month, Jeremy Zucker has shared his first new song of the year.

On Friday, the singer released his tender new single "internet crush," which is out now on Mercury Records/Republic Records. "how does one keep in touch? you’re my internet crush," he ponders on the very 2023 cut.

"‘internet crush’ is about the realities of dating and love in the modern digital world," says Zucker. "I think everyone has experience with the intersection of relationships and the internet in one way or another – whether that be with friends, parents, or a significant other. It’s really interesting how we can remain connected to somebody while separated by physical distance."

He continues: "There’s a lot of intimacy and connection over the internet, but at the same time there’s a lot of isolation as well. I wrote the song about the weird dichotomy that exists in the connection between isolation and intimacy within the context of the internet and the frustrations in trying to find a pure connection.”

Hear the song below.