Photo courtesy artist

Ahead of a new album coming next month, Danish singer Alex Vargas today shared a new song called "Meant to Be Together."

It's a lush, bittersweet soft-rock ballad, which follows his recent single "Pages." Both tracks come ahead of the full album Big Big Machine, which is out March 3 on Stellar Records and Embassy of Music.

“All this time you never let me fight this fight / Keep finding things to hide behind / My heart is on the table now / All this time you never let me speak my mind / So I kept the words to me inside / So many things to talk about," sings Vargas.

Speaking about the song, he says: "It’s about splitting from someone but not quite understanding where it went wrong. Being left feeling like you didn’t get to make your case before it was taken away from you.” 

Hear "Meant to Be Together" now.