Charlotte Plank, photo by Georgia-Mae Skeldin

Newcomer Charlotte Plank is starting off 2023 strong with her new single "L.S.D."

The new gem arrived Friday, and while the title is definitely an acronym for something else, in this case, it's shorthand for "Love So Damaged," reflective of the song's lyrics about being caught up in an unhealthy relationship. It's out now on Black Butter Records.

“This was written about the turbulent, habitual, addictive cycle of being in a toxic relationship” says Plank. “Whereby you know that it’s bad for you, you continue to hurt each other out of spite and lose respect for each other, yet it’s like you both subconsciously crave the problems and toxicity within one another and keep the rose-tinted glasses on yet another last chance despite your views of love being distorted and forever damaged.”

The new music comes as Plank has released just a handful of songs, with her first two, "Lost Boys" and "Hate Me" dropping in the second half of last year. We're excited to hear more.

Listen to "L.S.D." now.