Barney Bones, photo by @sykaani

On Friday, Barney Bones kicked off the weekend with the release of his new song "Praise."

The new track is instantly pulsating, but it stems from a struggle. The lyrics are said to be inspired partly by the distance between the Compton artist and his girlfriend, but the artwork hints at something even deeper.

"A dream. That’s what the car accident felt like. An Escalade hit me at 100 miles per hour and it felt like…a dream," says Bones of the accompanying artwork. "One I’m lucky to have woken up from. Earlier I was searching to see what day it happened on and it was 11/11, which in numerology means 'new beginnings'… Maybe they’re right."

He adds: "This artwork was inspired by that moment. A world in which dreams and reality collide. On the right is a collage of pictures from that day and on the left, is an A.I. interpretation."

Bones, who has previously written for the likes of Channel Tres, AUGUST 08, Giveon, and Gus Dapperton, and has appeared in Netflix's short film Civic, says this song is "only the first chapter."

Hear "Praise" below.