Sarah Pardini

Tyson Ritter is straying from his All-American Rejects past, but we love it. The band's co-founder has now shared the second song with new band Now More Than Ever, formed with Scott Chesak (All-American Rejects, Panic! At the Disco) and Izzy Fontaine (Taking Back Sunday, Tegan & Sara).

Maybe it's because it diverges from Ritter's grittier history but the newly released "Heart to Heart" is a glossy, irresistible gem, and we can't wait to hear more.

“This song is a story from the ashtray of my romantic past,” says Ritter of the new song, which follows their debut single "Don't Rush, Don't Wait." Their debut album Creatrix will arrive on March 17, and today they're also announcing their first live show on March 16 at The Echo in Los Angeles to celebrate the record release.

Hear "Heart to Heart" now.