Clay Kasich

Yes, there's a lot of new music out today. Everyone is getting those final releases out before the holidays. But one of our favorites out today is Felly's new record Bad Radio.

The Los Angeles-based artist/producer has shared the self-produced project, following his recent departure from 300 Entertainment, and it finds him diving back into his roots and sharing more of himself.

"I wanted to move away from the more 'banger' type records that everyone usually gasses me up on," says Felly. "I wanted to make something that sounds like what I listen to."

He continues: "This album is a journey of a man leaving the comfort of a relationship and going out on his own into solitude—into the cold of the world ... Each song is winter in the sense that it's a dying of some sort. I grew up in Connecticut and the winters played a big role in who I am and what I like." 

Hear the new record now and watch the video for his new single "me and my gang," which was released last week.