Photo courtesy artist

Australian musical collective DUB ZOO have just unveiled their new ten-track, Strange Times. Known for their one-of-a-kind live performances, the purpose of this album was to encapsulate their unique energy, bottling it up for listeners worldwide to enjoy their intoxicating sound. Sonically refusing to be confined by a genre, Strange Times enters a world in which it’s hard to put your finger on. Dancing between reggae and dub, the band succeed in crafting a magical release which is freeing, lighthearted and relatable. 

Somehow, even when they touch on darker, more melancholy themes, they still manage to tell their story through the ultimate dance-worthy rhythms. Guitarist Paddy Kiernan shares, “The lyrics are all based on personal experiences. The songs written during Covid (Confusion, World on Fire, Strange Times for example) tend towards being a bit more dark. The songs written later are a bit more like the classic DZ party/dance vibe with more poetic and philosophical lyrics.”

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, DUB ZOO started out as a group of friends who wanted to explore the realms of music and its endless possibilities. Through playful jam sessions, experimentation and improvisation, the band continued to bloom and now grace us with the sensational new album. We recommend giving this one a listen, you won’t regret it!