Zoe Kilavos

Nashville favorite Troy Akers (aka Bandit Heart) is back with new music.

The up-and-coming singer has shared a tender new single called "Fire," which is accompanied by multiple versions of the track, including a demo version and our favorite, the slowed and reverbed cowboy version. The new music comes as Akers says he has a burst of new music on the way.

"I have had a huge awakening this year with creativity coming back to me," he says. "Perhaps for the last three years, I thought it had left me. This past summer I started recording songs out of town, in the country, with my longtime dear friend Jared at his studio called Polychrome Ranch. 'Fire' came to me in just one day. I had pulled an old demo out and after we laid the instrumentation down, I wrote the lyrics to the song overnight before we did vocals the next day."

Akers continues: "It's a very visceral, all-encompassing song. I wanted to capture the ruggedness of love and the risk that causes that deep feeling in your stomach to make your heart race. Truly, to open up to love, you have to open up your heart. After my first single 'The Door,' this song is in a line of eight that will open the gate for the new era of Bandit Heart. Recording in these last five months have made me feel fully alive and present. They are about the here and now and the things that spark me and you."

Hear "Fire" now below.