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Here's a great Friday treat for you! REFS just released their debut album.

The rising duo REFS (made up of vocalist Rich and producer Dessauer) have been sharing tracks in the months leading up to today's release, but now the full record, titled New Religion, is here in full.

The album includes a massive new single called "I Should Be Alone Right Now," which happens to be a collaboration with the extremely talented Kevin Garrett. It's definitely a highlight of the new LP.

"I look at New Religion as my quarantine album," says Rich. "I wrote most of the melodies and lyrics for this project to Dessauer’s beats at the beginning of lockdown in 2020 in the span of a few weeks. The beginning of the pandemic involved a long, hard metaphorical look in the mirror for me. This album is a bad dream/an elegy/an attempt to examine my own subconscious.

Adds Dessauer: "We are ancient animals in modern architecture. These songs stem from most primal parts of the human experience."

Along with the new record, the release is accompanied by a 2022 piece generative NFT collection, which visually depicts humanity's most pressing question: Where do we go from here?

Listen to the album now.