Matt Miller

Joel Baker is starting the weekend with the release of his debut album Hush Now My Fears, which arrived Friday.

Along with the new record, the Nottingham-bred artist shared has shared a video for his emotional single "Magic 8 Ball," directed by Devon Kuziw. The album is said to be one turning loss into hope, written against a backdrop of pain, change and unexpected happiness, paying tribute to his best friend and mother, who passed away tragically within a year of each other. 

"This album is about clinging onto a tree root of hope, overhanging above a cliff edge," says Baker. "When all seems lost, when all seems broken, when all your strength has gone, that root will hold you. It’s an album written to self-soothe, in the hope it may help others to do the same. It’s manifesting, prophesying, bringing into reality, a peace that is not yet here, but unconsciously promised in the future."

Hear the new record now.