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After a few months of writing behind closed doors, British singer-songwriter Eden Rain has finally dropped her comeback single, “Oh God.” This brand-new offering is a masterfully crafted invite to take a peek into the rising star’s mind.

Inspired by constant overthinking, a feeling that Eden Rain knows all too well, “Oh God” touches on a whole cornucopia of internal battles when it comes to navigating relationships… and, of course, life itself.

Eden Rain’s lyricism cuts through like a knife, with raspy vocals fueling the fiery nature of the track’s mid-tempo progression, produced by Josef Page. 

“At the very best of times, the thoughts in my brain are random, chaotic, and spontaneous… I am, by my own definition, pretty unhinged,” says the London-based musician. “I think the lyrics kind of reflect the darting random thoughts that I have a lot.”

“Oh God” is a musical treat that that’d make a great addition to everyone’s playlist, especially if you’re a fan of artists such as LP, Sufjan Stevens, and Hozier.

With a bunch of impressive songs under her belt already, Eden Rain is ready to take her artistry even further; with her debut EP, Gutter Vision, currently in the works.

Though the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement soon — Gutter Vision is already looking up to be one of these musical projects that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on.