Photo courtesy artist

Anna of the North released her new album Crazy Life on Friday, and it's such a gem. The Norwegian singer is at her absolute best on the new, 11-track record, which is out now on Elektra Records.

Of course, we've known for some time it was going to be a great one, because Anna has been teasing with a number of singles, including the shiny lead single "Meteorite," featuring Gus Dapperton, as well as "Dandelion," "I Do You," "Nobody," "Listen" and "No Good Without U."

“The album is about everything, nothing, and all in between,” says Anna. “It’s about those small things we don’t necessarily talk about—like the days where you lie on the couch because you can’t get out of the house. As humans, we’re complex. What I love thinking about is the fact that when I let these songs out in to the universe, people will connect with them in different ways. Some people will cry to them; other people will have sex to them. That’s the beautiful thing about music. I’ve definitely gone into some territory inside of me that I haven’t in the past.”

Hear the full record now.