Photo courtesy artist

Australian singer-slash-actor Ayesha Madon’s captivating new single “Fish & Chips” is a much-needed reflection on growing up. 

Though quite subtle and mellow at first, “Fish & Chips” packs a hefty lyrical punch that is further amplified by Madon’s marvellous performance; from beautifully stacked vocals and some of the coolest riffs ever to ad-libs so fun that you’ll get lost in the track’s infectious groove right off the bat. It’s a musical adventure that simply keeps you coming back for more.

Once you peel away the layers of such a captivating vocal delivery, Madon’s endearingly conversational lyrics unveil a striking contrast between the past and the present, and how tricky navigating adolescence can be. The Sydney-based artist opens up about spiralling out of control, feeling lonely, and dealing with painful nostalgia — some of the worst growing pains that many might be familiar with.

Produced by Dave Hammer and composed by the 24-year-old artist herself, “Fish & Chips” is a thoroughly developed body of work. Every single detail is there for a reason; and with one surprise after another, the 3-minute-and-a-half track is finished before you even realise it. At least there’s always the replay button, right?

Ayesha Madon is a multi-talented singer, performer, and artist. She rose to fame earlier this year as Amerie in the highly acclaimed Netflix reboot of Heartbreak High, which has already been renewed for a second season.