Photo courtesy artist

If there’s one thing that the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and record producer Alexander 23 knows, it’s how to tug at one’s heartstrings — and his stellar new single "ill" further testifies to that.

With an exciting blend of captivatingly straightforward lyrics and groovy soundscapes courtesy of Kenny Beats, "ill" beautifully sets the scene for a rather sombre story; Alexander 23’s dreamy vocals take the listener to a moment where reminiscing of a former romance is all that’s left to do.

“I'm not happy, I still want you / 'Cause I want you to be happy,” the 27-year-old unveils in the pre-chorus. “There's a part of me I hate, that hopes that maybe you still want me.” And there’s certainly a sense of playfulness when it comes to the track’s sincere take on lyricism, inviting the audience to an exquisite kaleidoscope of emotion. 

Similarly to his previous releases "Cry Over Boys" and "IDK You Yet," Alexander 23’s latest offering continues exploring his delicate approach to love, leaning towards a unique tone of voice hidden within bold storytelling; something he seems to have embraced throughout his career.

Alexander 23 is currently on tour in North America, with plans to go on the road in the U.K. next week.