Photo courtesy artist

Casey Møøn has released his new Mirrors EP, the followup to his summer Fountains EP, which is now the second entry in his ongoing triology project.

The singer and one-half of the production duo Zookids really embraces his inner Matty Healy (of The 1975) on the standout cut "parks ii," which is one of the highlights of the newly released five-song offering. It's. coming-of-age gem, a song about growing up and riding the chaos of life as a teenager. It fits snugly next to the equally magical "glass," which follows on the EP.

Whereas the first project was said to be reflective of the wide-eyed wonder of childhood, Mirrors is about growing out of that and feeling like you really know yourself. Møøn drew inspiration from Twin Peaks and Blade Runner while he was making the EP, which includes a number of lyrical references to such works.

"There are several repeating lyrical motifs throughout the EP trilogy," says Møøn. "I feel like all of these sentiments can mean very different things depending on the context. A negative context versus a positive context, or a nostalgic view versus a forward thinking view. I find placing them in the context of different songs and in different places in the story of the EP trilogy gives them entirely different meanings."

Hear the full EP below.