Cameron Nisbet

A week after another high-profile song called "Karma," rising singer-songwriter Christian French is tackling the phenomenon from a different angle with his new single "karma," which arrived Friday.

"But don't blame it on karma / When we could just try harder," sings French on the glistening track, which critiques the idea of letting karma sort things out.

"‘karma’ is about being with someone and it feels like they’re always keeping score," says French of the new song. "If you do something ‘right,’ they’ll treat you right, but if you accidentally do something ‘wrong’ they’ll make sure you don’t live it down until they feel like you’re even. They put too much faith in karma making things right, when really it just comes down to whether both sides care enough to put in the extra effort or not.”

Christian French will be performing a number of shows next month, with more expected soon.

Check out the new song now.

Christian French's live dates:
Nov 11 — Santa Ana, CA — Constellation Room
Nov 14 — Dallas, TX — House of Blues Cambridge
Nov 16 — Chicago, IL — Subterranean
Nov 18 — Cleveland, OH — House of Blues Cambridge
Nov 19 — Indianapolis, IN — Hoosier Dome
Nov 22 — Denver, CO — Globe Hall
Nov 23 — Salt Lake City, UT — Kilby Court