Garrett Cardoso

On Friday, Hotel Fiction released their new Enjoy Your Stay EP, their second release following last year's Soft Focus project, and we're absolutely enamored. 

The Athens, Georgia duo has delivered a hazy, glimmering six-song effort, and it is sure to leave you anxious for more. It's such a delightful listen, starting with the shiny opening track "Athens GA," an ode to their hometown, leading into the kaleidoscopic previously released single "Man on the Moon," which has a very lovely, Kacey Musgraves-sunshine to it. The EP closes with the standout cut "Monster," followed by the true gem "Instead of us," which is perhaps the heart of the whole project. It will literally leave you feeling like, "whoa." Goosebumps. 

"Enjoy Your Stay is a project about following your heart and living in the moment," says the duo. "It encompasses the range of emotions that we as early 20's adults have navigated over the last few years. Feeling stuck, feeling paralyzed, falling in and out of love, learning to love yourself, and appreciating the deep friendships around us.”

Hear it now.