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As Macklemore continues to unveil new music, the Seattle rapper on Friday released a very confessional new track called "Faithful."

On the very intense new single, a collaboration with NLE Choppa, Macklemore documents his own relapse and recovery as he gives listeners a glimpse into his struggles and inner turmoil when dealing with addiction.

“I wrote 'Faithful' after a 2020 relapse that brought me back to a familiar darkness I naively thought I had escaped," says Macklemore. "It’s a personal song for me, reflecting on my struggles with addiction. As long as I can remember, I've wanted to be clean, and yet the disease I have is always present, it always follows me. The record explores the presence of addiction in every facet of my life, and how pervasive and insidious it can be.”

He adds: “I love what Choppa did with his verse. He brought the song into his world, writing from the perspective of a supportive friend and showing up in a desperate time. I thought the song would push him out of his comfort zone, but honestly he sounded right at home in the pocket and brought a whole new concept to the record. It’s been refreshing spending some time with him. I’m hella impressed not only by his pen, but his perspective on life and quest for spiritual growth.”

The new track follows Macklemore's recent releases "Maniac," featuring Windser, and "Chant," featuring Tones And I. It also comes with news of his next album, titled BEN, which will be released March 3.

Hear the song now. As of Monday (Oct. 31), Macklemore has also shared an accompanying video.