Photo courtesy artist

On Friday, we got new music from Toronto-based newcomer Henry Nozuka, who performs as Kingo Halla, and what a gem!

The New York City-born singer-producer shared his debut single called "Water in the Rose," and it's something majestic, as he pairs his yearning falsetto with a delicate piano underscoring.

“I wrote this song after reading a poem about someone who was preparing the entranceway for the return of their beloved,” says Kingo Halla of the track. “I found it to be strikingly beautiful, and profound. It resonated with me as at that time I was also experiencing a longing for my partner, as we were separated due to Covid for six months. It is the pain of separation, the longing of being distant from a beloved, and an expression of the tormented anguish that love can feel at times. Through the process, I realized that it also became about my reflection on life and a letter to where I will go after this life.”

Listen now.