Photo courtesy RCA Records

Sally Boy is back with new music today! On Friday, the Variance favorite shared his new single "beautiful girls," which is out via Loud Robot/RCA Records.

The song finds the singer warning of girls who will break your heart. "Don't date beautiful girls / 'cause they'll ruin your world," he croons. It serves as a wake-up call to recognize a good thing when it’s in front of you.

“Dating out of your league is an easy way to breed insecurity," says Sally Boy. "To push away a good thing instead of cherishing it. The silly thing is, you end up hurting another person on account of your own intrusive thoughts. In short, don’t date beautiful girls if you don’t think of yourself as worthy of receiving love from a wonderful person.”

The track follows Sally Boy's recent standout music 2 crash 2 EP, which was released over the summer.

Hear "beautiful girls" now.