Dan Monick

We Are Scientists are foreshadowing a new album, and today they've just shared a new song called "Less From You."

The frothy new track is out now as the second preview of the duo's upcoming eighth album Lobes, which is out Jan. 20. It is sure to start your weekend off on the right note—and make you want to dance!

"There was definitely a period in my life when I thought being jaded was cool,” says the band's singer Keith Murray.

He adds: "We consider [2021 album] Huffy our daytime record – it’s an upbeat rock album designed to soundtrack jet ski rides to the Bahamas and piña colada in aquamarine-tiled jacuzzis. Our new album, Lobes, however, is our nighttime album. As the first song on the record, ‘Operator Error’ soundtracks that moment when you realize that all of those tiki cocktails you started drinking at 11:00am are going to give you a wicked hangover by sunset, and so your best bet is to just keep the party going, consequences be damned!"

Check out "Less From You" now.