MorMor, photo by Joshua Gordon

Seth Nyquist (aka MorMor) is releasing his debut album this fall. The Toronto artist confirmed Friday his proper first full-length, titled Semblance, is coming Nov. 4.

Along with the news, MorMor has shared an enamoring new song called "Chasing Ghosts," a preview of the forthcoming record. It's accompanied by an animated set of visuals created by Otto Tang. It's said to speak "directly to the ways in which we fall into certain habits that grant only fleeting happiness. It’s an ode to the avoidance of dealing with one’s self; sitting with one’s self is often uncomfortable and can be painful."

As MorMor explains: "I felt that this character was from a similar world to the one that we had built for 'Don’t Cry'; therefore, I decided to use this medium to tell the story. There’s a certain limitlessness when it comes to animation that I deeply appreciate. It is possible to create worlds that are not confined to the same kind of logic that exists outside of this medium."

Watch the video for "Chasing Ghosts" now.