Photo courtesy artist

In an ode to exploration, Sid Seth’s new single “Simple Yet True” unravels with nostalgia and a likening euphony. Known for his compelling conceptual approaches and mesmerising warmth, his latest endeavour “Simple Yet True” offers an honest exploration into the inquisitively childlike venture of creation. 

Like many, when Sid Seth relocated to New York to study at the Manhattan School of Music, the pandemic brought a startling halt to a pace we once all knew. Feeling lost in a bustling city that had fallen to silence, he confides, “I started painting without thinking too much, and unexpectedly produced a long forgotten image from my childhood which immediately inspired me to write this song.” In an unparalleled catharsis, Sid Seth found familial comfort in his artistry, forming the foundations of “Simple Yet True”, a dreamy, mellow euphoria that perfectly depicts the overarching warmth that flourishes with sentimentalism. 

Sid Seth continues, “I wasn’t sure what to do so I started painting. As a child, fine art was something I really enjoyed but I hadn’t held a brush for years. As I started mixing colors, I saw an image that took me back to childhood. It brought me immense joy as it was a forgotten memory with my family.” Opening with delicate acoustics and Sid Seth’s mellifluous vocality, his latest single soars with enchanting spirit. His remarkable ability to captivate rich optimism explores the idea that people discover their own stories in art. Intertwining resonance and unity into his latest single, Sid Seth proves that there his creativity is simply boundaryless.