Chris Emerson (aka What So Not) on Friday released his new album Anomaly.

The Aussie producer has been teasing the new record for months. As we previously mentioned, it features Killer Mike, Oliver Tree, Louis the Child, EVAN GIIA and others. 

"I know these are the strongest records I’ve ever created," says Emerson of the new, which is his second. "This album is a new lease on life for me. My last album was a kind of therapy, processing and emerging from a very sad place, whereas [on] Anomaly, I’m coming in ferociously, excited about existing. The silver lining of the world shutting down was the time to refine and focus on crucial details in my sound ... I'm feeling confident, passionate and highly energetic and so grateful for the friends and micro-communities around the world that invite me in and inspire so much creativity."

Ahead of the record's release, Emerson chatted with Variance and he discussed his excitement to be back playing live and connecting with fans again, but he also noted the excitement he was sensing from the audience.

"I think after Covid, people just want to rave and live," he said. "We did our first show in the world, back in Australia in November 2020. They had opened up one state that was allowed to host events. And I was playing all these little TikTok edits, but then I would play this new, unreleased material, and they would lose it. And I was like, damn. It made me realize people just have this hunger for the unknown again. It feels amazing."