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After years of silence, Bo Rinehart is back—this time, solo.

The singer-songwriter, who previously co-founded the band NEEDTOBREATHE alongside his older brother Bear Rinehart, departed the band three years ago after reported friction between the group and the younger Rinehart. Now, Bo is back to making music, although under a different moniker, and completely independent. On Friday, he launched his new project Coy Roy, with his debut single "I'm Right Here."

The brisk new track, which we've tapped as our latest "Big Obsession," is instantly captivating, but it stems from a very personal experience, as Rinehart has explained, sharing in a new interview that the lyrics of the song are written from the perspective of his six-year-old self to his current self, reflective of sexual abuse he experienced as a child, something he repressed for years and now feels ready to share.

While the song is short, at just three minutes long, it's a beautiful introduction to this new chapter for Rinehart, who makes clear the song's lyrics are certainly a conversation between his adult self and his current self, not reflective of the tension with his brother, which he hopes will be healed in due time.

Ultimately, despite the unspeakable trauma at the heart of the song, it seems to be telling a story of second chances and benevolence and restoration. And for so many of us, that was the beauty of what Rinehart brought to his former band, so it's such a wonderful thing to welcome him back to the musical landscape, now on his own terms.

Listen to "I'm Right Here" below.