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All summer long, Franc Moody has been treating us to droplets of goodness as they geared up for their sophomore album. Now, it's here.

On Friday, the group released their incredible new record Into the Ether, which is out via Juicebox/AWAL. And let's just say, it's the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack, so it's fitting that it arrives with the long weekend as the nights are getting longer the days are getting cooler.

“Writing Into the Ether began literally the week after we released our debut album, Dream in Colour, when instead of touring the record we were forced to descend to our makeshift bedroom studio setups as a result of the pandemic." Franc Moody explains. "It was during those months our longing to be out on the road with the band playing live shows developed into a delirious, dreamlike state, conjuring up imagery of us and the band traveling through the desert on a journey to find whatever it was that we were craving. A surreal, craggy, tin can tourbus, deserted petrol station version of The Odyssey if you like.”

They add: “This imagery of expansive desert landscapes was hugely inspired by films directed by the likes of Sergio Leone, and the grand thematic scores of composers such as Ennio Morricone. We’ve tried to create our own little funk-fuelled version of that expansiveness and longing, using a large string ensemble, group vocals and layered synths and guitars to create western style motifs, and galloping guitars to emulate riding through the desert on horse back. We hope you find a place to escape to when listening through this record, as we did whilst writing it.” 

And now it's yours. Hear it below.