Brandon Minton

While there's a lot of new music out today, one album on your playlist should definitely be JAMIE by Montell Fish.

It's the 24-year-old Pittsburgh native's debut album, and it's out now on Virgin Music. The singer has been teasing the album for months with a number of singles, and now it is out in full for fans to hear. But it's worth noting, a lot of the inspiration comes from a heavy place. Perhaps that's what makes it so relatable in these complicated times.

“This album is about the beginning stages of grief because I went through this album, and even still think about when I’m gonna die," says Fish. "So there is this anxious feeling in a lot of the music and a terror of the end and it’s symbolized in a breakup, it’s symbolized in me and this girl and things coming to an end but I just realized as I was writing it that this is so much more."

He adds: "This is my childhood and I always had a fear of death and a religious trauma of me going to hell—it’s the beginning of the stages of that. It’s denial in isolation.”

Hear the album now below.