Erika Kamano

It is a wonderful day in the neighborhood because beabadoobee's new album is here!

The singer on Friday released her sophomore record Beatopia (pronounced "Bay-A-Toe-Pee-Uh"), and we've been anxiously waiting for the last few months for this album to finally arrive. And today is the day. To celebrate the release, she has also shared a video for the standout track "Sunny Day," which appears on the album.

bea is coming off a busy spring, having opened for Halsey's spring tour and now preparing to join Jack Antonoff's band Bleachers on tour next week.

Of the new video, bea says: "‘Sunny Day’ is a song that I've always wanted to make but something that I've never done before. Putting it on Beatopia was quite nerve-wracking for me but I'm glad I did. We had written it during a week of crazy productivity in terms of creating songs. I had a session with Starsmith and the song just flowed naturally. I love it.”

The artist calls the new album one of "accepting my past and my actions, and seeing it as a part of me," adding: "It’s your life and you can do whatever you want, and if you make mistakes, it’s gonna help you for the end result – it’s all gonna mean something at the end. It’s definitely me getting over things about my self-image, and feeling comfortable in a general sense of my life and who I am. I’m still working on it.”

Hear the album now.