Tom Cockram

On Friday, Calum Scott released his second full-length, titled Bridges.

The emotional new record showcases the singer's strengths as songwriter and a vocalist, with such earnest, forthcoming lyrics, while also demonstrating his worthiness as a superstar. He doesn't shy away from his most vulnerable lyrics, even if they can be a tough listen at times.

“From touring all over the world and seeing how people have been affected by my music, I realized how important it is for me to keep writing from a very honest place,” says Scott of the new album. “I’ve learned that I can take the painful things I’ve been through, then create something beautiful that helps people to process their feelings, to take action, to become more compassionate and understanding of others, or just to escape from the world for a while."

He adds: "For me this new album is about sharing things I’ve never shared before and taking leaps that sometimes feel terrifying, with the hope that it will bring some inspiration or reassurance to anyone who needs it.”