Photo courtesy artist

A longtime Variance is back this month with new music. That would be Edwin Arzu, who has returned with his new single "Miramax."

The magnetic new track arrived a few days ago, and admittedly, it breaks a nearly two-year gap since Arzu's last release. But the wait has proven to be worth it, as there seems to be much more where that came from, according to the artist.

"New song, new era, new vibes [and] a whole lot more," said Arzu in a note about the new release, adding: "All my friends say I take too long to release music (the sad truth). All these songs I’ve written since leaving the Bronx [and] I'm happy 'Miramax' is the first song you’ll be hearing. Went from working on it during [the] pandemic, thinking about life, to tagging in [Jay James] a year later to finally finish it."

Hear "Miramax" below.