MK Sadler

Young the Giant is back with new music!

On Wednesday, the band returned with their glowing new single "Wake Up," which is out now via AWAL/Jungle Youth Records. Its release points to the first glimpse of their fifth album, titled American Bollywood, which will apparently be told in "four acts."

"'Wake Up' is where this story begins," says lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia. "A fever dream from the poet Vyasa of past lives and visions, the journey of this band and all of our collective identity over the last four years, and the prologue to our fifth studio album ... American Bollywood will be told in four acts: Origins, Exile, Battle, and Denouement.”

There's no word yet on the album release, but it's worth noting, the band has scheduled a handful of performances in select major markets throughout October and November.

Hear the new song below.