Harper Smith

Corey Harper is starting a new chapter with his new single "Pink Razor."

The confessional new track arrived Friday and opens a new era for the singer-songwriter, who is newly signed to Range Music / Virgin Records. The song was produced by Harry Styles collaborator Alex Salibian.

"There are certain items of significance, items that hold memories, that our minds have a way of latching onto," explains Harper. "Maybe it’s a sweatshirt that you just don’t have the heart to wash. Maybe it’s a crumpled-up photo booth strip that you keep promising yourself you’ll throw away tomorrow. We can go about our day forgetting those items exist, but when you accidentally see it, you’re taken right back to those moments. "

He adds: "This song is about memories washing over you and the water slide of emotions that follow, as you reminisce and question how and why it all fell apart in the first place.”

Hear the new song below.