Photo courtesy artist

FRANSIS, the London-based alt-indie band, fronted by singer-songwriter Emma Withers, are back with their latest release “Pin Me Down.” Spurred by the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in the U.K., the band are uniting their voices to create a collective sense of melody and meaning. 

Offering an outlet of Withers states, she shares, “This song is vulnerable and real, I wanted to focus on the self-destruction, the brokenness, the confusion, the anger, and then finally the release which is supported by the music constantly, and as the song intensifies we hit an explosive finale and an emotional release which was incredibly satisfying to perform in the studio. I did like 8 takes of this to get the raw emotion out of me. This is bonded with the mammoth eruption of epic guitar lines and pure power from the band.”

Accelerating their meaning with brilliant basslines, gripping guitar and a daring beat throughout, FRANSIS are exemplifying their creative bliss in the alt-indie scene. Resonating with fans of Wolf Alice and Florence + The Machine, their music and messaging are sure to reach fans across the globe in more ways than one. “Pin Me Down” is the third song on their upcoming EP set for release very soon, making FRANSIS ones to watch this summer!