Deirdre Lewis

Ao Anderson, the mastermind behind Los Angeles-based Crashing Hotels, has a very unique approach to making art. The singer/producer behind the dark-electric-dance-rock is 20 years deep into a personal experiment of avoiding listening to music as much as possible in order to create as influence free as he can. He’s also fueled by his belief that the planet is coming to an abrupt halt as climate change has finalized its irreversible grip on the planet.

The latest offering from his fascinating journey of musical abstinence is the band’s anticipated forthcoming LP, Trophic Cascade. It documents feelings of a dying world and the exuberant energy of the earth rebounding without the existence of its most strenuous inhabitants, Humans.

Known for his wild blend of progressive rock n’ roll and psychedelic elements, “For a Sunburn,” the kick off single to the new album, is a mind-altering trip into the headspace of one of the more eccentric artists of today.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more later this year. For more announcements, updates, and news related to Crashing Hotels, be sure to follow the band on Instagram. Be sure to stream the full single on all platforms as well.