Cory Schiltz

Last month, Matt Taylor released his standout single "April 13th" and it was our Big Obsession. Today, he has shared the full EP, titled April 13th, and it's going to be on repeat.

In the words of the opening track "Godspeed," we can't keep our mind off the newly released six-song project, which includes multiple previously unreleased tracks including "End Like This" and "Passive."

"The EP is a reflection on a difficult situation, where the both of us could have dealt with things better but we didn’t, and how can I learn from that," Taylor tells Variance. "How I felt influenced the tracks lyrically, but also sonically. 'Godspeed' had to be sexy, 'Passive' had to be angry, & 'NMWIS' had to be sad."

Taylor continues: "To be honest, I was surprised that I had so much to write about what—in hindsight—was a pretty small situation, but I think it’s because each of the songs represents more of an repeated pattern I can get myself into when it comes to trusting other people. That’s why it means so much to me, I really think I can learn from it."

Hear the full EP now.