Mark Ronson & Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye is back today with new music.

This time, he has shared a simmering new track called "Too Much," a collaboration with Mark Ronson. The new song is being released in partnership with Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacturer Audemars Piguet. It follows Daye's recent Grammy win for Best Progressive R&B Album for his EP Table for Two.

“The song is definitely disco, but also sort of sexy and elegant and soulful," says Ronson. "It’s all the things that I am aspiring to every time I want to create something that’s going to make people move, but that if you’re sitting listening at home, you can still get into the song and the performance. Lucky’s vocal and melody does all the work there. It’s just a sexy, sexy disco record.”

Adds Lucky Daye: “In terms of the lyrics, I would say the theme is pretty much a party record, where you see someone who can’t really come out of their shell and you want to convince them to just have a good time. These days, it’s not that often where you can just go outside and have the time of your life.”


Hear "Too Much" below.