Photo courtesy artist

Vancouver indie artist Jillian Lake has been giving us little tasters of what to expect from her impending album release and we’re certainly in for a treat! One of the latest dishes from the menu is “Steady Hands,” a heart-wrenchingly vulnerable song about the ups and downs of life. As she lets her walls fall down, she allows listeners a glimpse into her life, providing an anthem for everyone who is going through heartbreak or a period of sadness. 

Lake confides, “I wrote this single when I was heartbroken living on the 22nd floor of an apartment right off Sunset Beach in Vancouver. I would sit in the living room and stare out at the most beautiful sunset over the horizon, and think - how can I not feel happy in this moment? I twistedly love the aching feeling because that’s what inspires my art. I am majorly influenced by my surroundings, my day to day, the people I see on the bus, the mundane walk to work, the sad sunset - I let it all affect how I’m feeling and that in turn comes out in my writing.” 

Bringing a much happier, feel-good vibe, Lake presents “Olympia,” which is certain to turn any frown upside down. Admittedly not her usual repertoire, Lake explains how she wanted the upcoming album to represent letting go of expectations and therefore wanted to demonstrate this within her own music. “Olympia” bursts with a vibrancy, as its kaleidoscopic melodies emit a playful atmosphere. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the album Younger Then, coming soon!