Photo courtesy artist

Indie alt duo Gallipoli are no stranger to the beauty of the world. Having bounced across the globe themselves, they’ve had the privilege of laying roots from India, Turkey, New Zealand, Belgium, Dubai and America, where they now currently reside in Los Angeles. Their latest EP On Vodno, however stems from their time spent in North Macedonia, where they lived for six months during the lockdown. A perfect place to let their creativity blossom, Gallipoli took time to reflect on their lives so far, penning an EP which speaks about certain moments that have made them who they are today. From heartbreak to history, the four-track release is a slice of Aman Sheriff and Lucas McCone and all the elements that keep their minds ticking away. 

Bringing to mind the likes of Bon Iver and Sigur Ros, Gallipoli create beautifully atmospheric music, whisking you away to the stunning Macedonia countryside. Filled with vast soundscapes, echoing vocals and glistening synths, the duo concoct thought-provoking songs oozing with passion and sincerity. “Pick Me up Tonight” showcases warm vocals and jangly guitars which build into an infectious chorus that'll worm its way into your mind all day. 

Concluding with “My, My” emits a haunting ambience, as Gallipoli demonstrate that less is more. Simple instrumentation allows for their lyrics to be heard loud and clear, as they mournfully narrate the demise of a relationship. Singing, “It’s getting cold outside this window, It’s getting dark inside my head, There’s still a little flame left over, Watch it take its final breath” they come to the stark realization that sadly everything must come to an end.