Collin Black

Phantoms have confirmed their new album This Can't Be Everything is coming this summer.

The duo on Wednesday shared the breathtaking title track from the record, which will be released Aug. 12 via Foreign Family Collective. 

"'This Can’t Be Everything' was actually one of the first songs we wrote when we started working on our album," says the band. "It’s a special one because once we finished it, it felt like we suddenly had a clear direction for the rest of the album. It’s a really unconventional song for us. For one, it’s not really a 'club' record. The BPM is pretty fast and it’s also on the longer side. But that’s what we loved about it."

They add: "For the first time in a long time, it felt like we were taking some risks and simply making music we wanted to make without any hindrances. The chorus of this song became a motif for the rest of the album, and we knew that 'This Can’t Be Everything' had to be the album title as well. It’s all about knowing that there is more out there, whatever that may mean to you."

Hear the new song now.