Urban Wyatt

Jack Harlow on Friday released his new album Come Home The Kids Miss You.

The 15-track project comes as Harlow is arguably at the height of his career, with nowhere to go but up. And the very cherrypicked selections of guest appearances on this record is likely a testament of that fact, with Pharrell, Drake, Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne featured. It's also worth noting, the fifth song on the album is titled "Dua Lipa."

Hear the full record now.

2. Young Harleezy
3. I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile
4. First Class
5. Dua Lipa
6. Side Piece
7. Movie Star (feat. Pharrell)
8. Lil Secret
9. I Got A Shot
10. Churchill Downs (feat. Drake)
11. Like A Blade Of Grass
12. Parent Trap (feat. Justin Timberlake)
13. Poison (feat. Lil Wayne)
14. Nail Tech
15. State Fair