Photo courtesy artist

Philly artist Noah Richardson is today releasing his new single "Babytalk," which is out now via Free Dive Records.

The addictive new track, which was produced by Tyler Ripley, follows Richardson's previous single "Painful," which arrived back in February.

"I wrote 'Babytalk' inspired by flirtatiousness," admits Richardson. "When you feel a sort of chemistry with someone, it honestly becomes a sort of dance. Your interactions, your body language, everything becomes this ebb and flow of communication.”

That's really clear on the tantalizing cut, which has a way of effortlessly balancing the sensation of desire with the sort of silliness of the idea of "goo-goo’s” and “ga-ga’s," reflective of how someone can get caught in your head and it all turns to mush.

Hear "Babytalk" now.