Oliver Keane, photo courtesy artist

Back in January, newcomer Oliver Keane kicked off the year with a big release, his new single "3am." And now, he has rounded it out with the full debut EP, a six-song project called 16mm Dream Sequence.

The rising 18-year-old artist certainly has a knack for heart-on-his-sleeve pop lyrics, but it's clear on this project he already sounds like a rockstar. And somehow he balances the tension so perfectly, as evidenced on the standout track "Antidote."

“The whole song was originally stripped back like the start but I spontaneously said we should do a harsh switch halfway through," says Keane of the track. "Luke (my co-producer) had never really heard the more indie side to me before, but I remember the excitement on his face when I sent him the project with the switch up in. We spent hours upon hours perfecting the guitar, especially in the second verse.”

You'll likely be hearing from Keane—who grew up in a household soundtracked by the likes of Pink Floyd and Nirvana—in the coming months, as he's playing a number of festivals in the U.K., as well as opening for Gayle's London show in May.

Hear the new EP now.