Photo courtesy artist

JC Stewart has delivered quite the Valentine's Day offering this week with his new single "Love Like That."

The massive, soaring new track is instantly arena-ready while lyrically reading like an apology after letting someone down in a relationship, acknowledging his mistakes albeit too late, detailing all the ways he should have "should you a love like that."

“I wrote ‘Love Like That’ after I’d had a few tough conversations with the people I loved around me," admits Stewart. "I realized I’d been fully prioritizing work over everything else and forgetting about the stuff that actually matters in life. This song is really an apology to those people and a promise to always put them first.”

Stewart wrote the huge new cut alongside longtime Dua Lipa collaborator Koz, and Sigrid collaborators The 23rd, the latter of whom also produced "Love Like That." 

Check out the song now.