Photo courtesy artist

At only 22 years old, Irish alt-pop artist Brooke has had a flourishing start to her career, with her raspy vocals and compelling performance securing her a place in The Voice UK 2020 finals. The ascent to the final was a somewhat serendipitous outcome though, as her journey happened by accident with her friend sending in an application on her behalf. Though it wasn’t a linear rise to the final, with production having to shut down during the height of the pandemic, it has propelled her closer towards her goal as an artist, and gained her the adoration of fans around the country.

Following her time on The Voice UK, Brooke has entangled herself in the industry, assembling a team of producers and writers to perfectly capture her sound, with her new track “That’s Rich” putting her in the running to compete for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The playful new track emanates the rollicking fun and feel-good energy of dancing with friends before a night out. Inspired by Blondie, the song is packed with punchy melodies and zestful bite, showcasing her vivacious vocals as she sings about moving on from a toxic relationship. Laced with 70’s punk/rock elements, the tune screams confidence and self-assurance, with the progressive drums rolling into the boisterous chants of the chorus as she sings “That’s Rich.”